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Dress code undergoes some changes for 2018-19

The intent is not to be overly restrictive, but rather to teach hygiene, instill pride and self-discipline, prevent disruption, minimize safety hazards, and teach respect for authority and property.

Following is a list of the new requirements:


  • Backpacks, satchels and briefcases must be clear, transparent or mesh
  • Personal bags including purses, hip bags, cross-bodies in excess of 8” x 10” shall be prohibited
  • Personal or school-issued equipment bags such as, but not limited to athletic equipment bags, musical instruments, art portfolios are to be stored in designated areas. These designated areas include athletic locker rooms, fine arts facilities and other areas as specified by campus administration.
  • Lunch kits in excess of 9” x 10” shall be stored in a designated area specified by campus administration


  • Any color or design that does not violate clothing basics
  • May not be used to cover garments that would otherwise be a dress code violation
  • Full-length or oversized outerwear apparel, such as those commonly referred to as trench coats, dusters and like garments, are prohibited.
  • Hoods may not be worn inside the building at any time.


To view the 2018-19 La Porte ISD Dress Code, please visit and visit our Back to School section or our Parent Portal.