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Addressing your questions: An FYI about our transportation services

La Porte ISD regularly reviews its transportation policies to ensure that we are transporting our students in the safest most efficient way possible. We most recently presented our review to the Board of Trustees on February 13 and published it on our website in May.

Our eligibility policies have been in place for years, with annual reviews that include assessment of hazardous routes and new developments.  One significant change this year – mandated by the state – is a school district’s ability to declare a route as hazardous. (Detailed information about the state’s new transportation policies is available in the link below.)

Who’s eligible to ride?

  • Students who live at least two miles from their zoned campus;
  • Students who live closer than two miles, but must cross through hazardous areas (including major roadways, such as Spencer Highway);
  • Students with special needs, regardless of the distance they live from the campus.

Visit our transportation web page for a comprehensive collection of information about our busing services.

Click here to download the Texas Education Agency’s School Transportation Allotment Handbook.

As always, we invite your questions or concerns about our operations.  Please feel free to call our Transportation Department at 281-604-7177.