La Porte Elementary

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Class Procedures and Homework

I'll add as much information as I can, but please feel free to call or email me if there's something I didn't address.


Supplies for Class

The following are expected to be available to the student at all times (* denotes items that stay at school):

Orange folder - Take Home
Blue folder - Writing *
Green Folder - Math *
Purple folder - Stations *
Red folder - W.I.P. (Work in Progress) *

Yellow folder - Library *

Math book *

All composition notebooks *
Library/AR Books (at least 2)
Plastic Book Pouch with reading log inside
Sharpened pencils (at least 2) (Available by the door of the classroom; it is the student's responsibility to have a pencil when it is time to complete an assignment.)

Pencil box with needed supplies * (This can be taken home if needed to complete an assignment. If you need supplies at home, please feel free to ask, I can usually find something.)


Conduct Folders

Every student has an orange folder that goes home every night. It must be signed and returned daily. Please feel free to write any comments or questions on the conduct sheet. This folder will also have notes from the front office and graded papers as they are given back.



Every week they receive a homework sheet. They are to read 20 minutes and record it in their reading log every night. If they cannot find or have lost their reading logs, please have your student write it on a blank sheet of paper. I would prefer if the students filled out the reading log themselves, as it is their responsibility. They also have spelling homework. See below for spelling information. They will also have math homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Homework is due the following day. Five minutes are taken from recess if the student does not have their homework or if it is incomplete. If missing homework is a recurring problem, conduct marks will be given. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevented your child from completing their homework, please send a note to school with them.



Students will receive new spelling words every week. They must write out their spelling words on the spelling homework sheet and choose an item from the spelling tic-tac-toe (only 2 a week). I do not need the tic-tac-toe activities, that is just for practice at home. The spelling sheet is due Friday morning. Studying spelling words is suggested daily. Spelling tests will be every Friday morning.


Graded Papers

As I grade papers, I put them in the student's boxes. Please go through these papers with your student and discuss any concerns you may have. Papers with grades 74 or below need to be signed and returned. If an assignment is below a 70, students have the opportunity to correct it, within the week it was returned, for a grade no higher than a 70.


Progress Reports

In addition to interim progress reports sent home from the school, I will be sending home progress reports to the students that have a 74 or below in one of the following subjects: language arts, reading, comprehension, and social studies. These need to be signed and returned the following school day.



We go to the library every Tuesday afternoon. Students are expected to bring their library books daily, but especially on Tuesdays. If they are still reading a book, it needs to be rechecked out with the librarian. They must AR test on library books before turning them it to get more books. I allow the students to go to the library throughout the week, depending on behavior and completed assignments.


Accelerated Reader (AR Testing)

Accelerated Reader (or AR) is a program for taking short comprehension quizzes over books that the students have read. Students are required to take 2 AR tests a week. The goal is to get a score average of 85% or higher. Students are also given a point goal each grading period. This point goal is based on their AR reading level (ZPD). The students take a diagnostic test every grading period to determine their AR reading level. You can access your student's AR account through Renaissance Place Home Connect. I will send home AR testing reports every other Friday so you can see your student's progress.