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Additional Information


Students are allowed to bring in a disposable or reusable water bottle to keep in the classroom. We have a filtered water fountain they can use to fill it up. Reusable bottles must be transparent and must go home at the end of every day to be washed.


I do allow my students to bring in a snack to eat around 10:30. Please refrain from letting them bring foods such as candy, cookies, snack cakes, etc… for snacks.


Students earn fake coins throughout the week that they get to use to purchase items from our class store. If your student accidentally takes home fake coins, please send them back to school.
Remind: I do use Remind occasionally. If you'd like to sign up, click here.
Breakfast Information
Breakfast served in the classroom. Each student receives at least 3 items (must all be different) for free. Notice that LPE breakfast choices differ from other elementary campuses.
Lunch Information
Please see the district nutrition website for school lunch information.
Lunch time: 12:10-12:40
Table 2, Line 2
Lunch visitor schedule by student's last name:
A-I - Tuesdays
J-R - Wednesdays
S-Z - Thursdays