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Lunch Information

At La Porte Elementary, students will eat breakfast in the classroom and lunch in the cafeteria. Students are to sit at the assigned classroom table. Acceptable table manners are expected. Only one trip will be allowed through the line. Students will raise their hands if they forget utensils and no one will be permitted out of their seats without permission. Mealtime is a time for students to enjoy each other’s company, using indoor voices. 

Meals must be paid for in advance. Payments may be made in the cafeteria personally or you can send payment with your child.

Outside Food or Drinks

In order to help our students learn the cafeteria routines and procedures, the LPE cafeteria is closed to lunchtime visitors until September 12, 2023.  Please check the monthly newsletter for other dates on which the cafeteria will be closed to visitors to help maintain building security (ie: benchmark testing days, STAAR testing days, etc.). Due to end of the year activities, the last day for visitors in the LPE cafeteria will be on April 11, 2024. 

In the event that the student has left his/her lunch at home, sack lunches and lunch kits may be delivered by 10:00 a.m. to the front office. 

Lunch Schedule

Tuesday           A-I

Wednesday    J-R

Thursday        S-Z

  • Parents eating with students should follow the assigned day of the week  
  • Assigned day goes by the students last name
  • Max. of 3 guests may dine with students
Pre-K                                      12:40pm-1:10pm
Kindergarten                      10:50am-11:25am
1st Grade                              11:00am-11:35am
2nd Grade                            12:15pm-12:50pm
3rd Grade                             12:00pm-12:35pm
4th Grade                             11:30am-12:05pm
5th Grade                             11:40am-12:15pm